We thank you for your interest in what God is doing through Telos Ventures Capital and should you find a fit with what we are doing, we invite you to submit a deck for evaluation via email that addresses each of our investment criteria. Our commitment is to respond to each and every inquiry as we hope that every encounter we have with entrepreneurs is a mutual blessing.

We will undertake all necessary due diligence to fulfill our fiduciary duty in evaluating the investment opportunity and do not provide any assurance that an investment will result. We acknowledge and value everyone’s time and cannot promise that we will be as expeditious as the entrepreneur will like. We do, however, promise to be deliberate, prayerful and thoughtful in evaluating every investment opportunity balancing our fiduciary duty, fund mandate and requirements along with the request for funding from the entrepreneur.

From experience, to help us best assess your investment proposal, we encourage you to approach us (1) through an introduction from a mutual relationship whose judgment we really trust and heart we know to be true, especially (2) when that relationship is also working with, discipling, advising or investing in you and your company.

We believe that God works through people and relationships so it makes sense that we primarily work through our global network of trusted friends and colleagues.

Nevertheless, we don’t pretend to know everyone there is to know and should you be approaching us outside of an introduction, please keep these things in mind:

Email first

While phone calls and voicemails have their place, email allows for more detailed and efficient initial communication and tracking. Having tried previously to meet with or have phone calls with everyone who came across our path, we’ve learned that we are more effective and responsive not maxing out our schedules with meetings and calls. Phone calls, video conferencing and in-person meetings will take place as needed as we get deeper in the process.

Purposeful statements

Lead with what you want. We should be able to tell within the first two or three sentences what it is that you do and what it is that you are looking for.

Where’s God?

We are a Gospel-centered venture fund; therefore God comes first. Your faith story and calling to serve others through your work must come across in your deck and email; otherwise there may be better investors for you. In fact, we encourage you to really pray through whether we are the right investor for you. We have our core ethos, mandates and values from which we strive to serve His Kingdom. Just as we reserve the right to invest in an entrepreneur, you have the right to select from whom you wish to receive funding.

What’s the problem?

Products and services change over time and from concept to market. Problems and core purposes don’t. Many times we’ve had conversations with entrepreneurs who can’t answer this question. True entrepreneurs see problems that others don’t and develop solutions that others can’t. Tell us what’s broken and how you are going to fix it.

More than an idea

Most ideas are cheap; it almost always comes down to execution so we won’t invest unless there is something to invest in. While we start with a deck, we want to see minimum viable products and real engineering taking place before we engage in serious conversations.

NDAs need not apply

Prospective investors and advisors just can’t sign them. We see too much and simply can’t sign things early on that hamper our ability to see more of what’s out there. Share what you feel comfortable sharing and remember the previous point, that most of the value is created by the execution of, not the idea itself. Of course we operate under the highest level of integrity and trust, if we didn’t, no one would work with us let alone the fact that we wouldn’t be aligned with God.